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option #2

2.5 in. Wide X 2 in. High


4.75 in. Wide X 7.5 in. High

option #1

Thanks for supporting great music in the community !

4.75 in. Wide X 3.5 in. High

half Page - $110.

Ads for Fall 2018 must be submitted by Nov. 30.

​There are two ways to submit your ad.

 A Passion to Sing!

Founded 1992


The Program Ad Order Form below outlines the sizes and costs of the ads, and how to submit ad copy.

FULL Page - $190.

Complete the Program Ad Form and return it to us with payment via mail.

The Arcadian Chorale provides advertising space in our programs for local businesses, sponsors, and friends of the Chorale.

Ads run annually, for both our Fall and Spring concert seasons.

quarter page Page - $60.

​​advertise in our programs

Ad copy can be supplied via JPG or PDF, or via good quality hard copy.

Please take into consideration that the ads will be printed in BLACK & WHITE when you choose your ad copy

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eighth Page - $35.

2.5 in. X 3.5 in.

​(Horizaontal or Vertical)

STEP #2 - Pay for your ad online.

STEP #1 - Send your ad copy as either a JPG or PDF to our email ---